A drabble consists of exactly one hundred words. That's not much! I tried writing some, anyway.  Warning: unlike the rest of my stories, most of these short bits of writing are neither fluffy nor happy. I guess my inner romantic needs more than 100 words for a happy ending...


The shot was answered by a chorus of harsh croaks and hate-filled glares from beady black eyes.


Norrington counted the dead crows scattered on Gallows Hill.


He had shot the last crow too hasty. The dead bird was dangling from Sparrow’s head, claws entangled in beads and braids. Norrington hoped Gillette would return soon so they could cut him down.

To hell with the navy. He wouldn't let him hang there.

The flock had resettled on the gallows. Norrington aimed his pistol at the crows, concentrated and squeezed the trigger of his pistol.

Another shot, another hit.


* * * *


The lieutenant's face was blank, his brown eyes button-like.

"The Admiralty has denied your petition."

Norrington closed his eyes for a moment, then he clasped his hands behind his back.

"No firing squad for me then, but a public hanging as if I were a pirate. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'd preferred the more honourable death on the quarterdeck of the Dauntless."

Gillette didn't reply. He reached into his coat and pulled out his pistol, aiming it at Norrington through the prison bars.

"I desire you to know, Sir, that you are very much loved."

Then he shot.

* * * *


Artwork by the wonderful

It was an ugly situation. One first lieutenant dead on the floor, the other holding a pistol. The air was heavy with gunpowder and James Norrington's disapproval.

"Mr. Gillette - was this really necessary?"

"With all due respect, Sir: you already have one first lieutenant," Gillette grumbled. "You don't need another one."

Then he dragged the dead officer out of Norrington's night cabin.

Norrington sighed and turned to Molly.

"I suppose that I will have the doubtful pleasure of explaining this to Captain Aubrey?"

"You are the captain," Molly said, silently mourning the early death of the plot bunny.
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