Rating: PG
Category: telling would be spoiling
Pairing: telling would be spoiling
Dramatis personae: Norrington, Gov. Swann a.o.
Warnings: none
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Author's note: for Nellas, who is responsible for this.

"How long are they expecting us to sit here and wait? This is maddening!"

Governor Swann wore the carpet off in Commodore Norrington's office, pacing up and down in front of the window, his hands clasped behind his back. From time to time he would stop and listen, as if he could hear the desperately awaited messenger in the hallway.

"Those things can't be rushed."

Norrington was as nervous and impatient as Governor Swann, but he had learned to hide his nerves.

Swann muttered something about the Navy and cold-hearted fish heads, then he continued his relentless pace.

"Just imagine the horrible things that could happen! So much could go wrong! Oh dear, I wish we were in London, everything's easier there!"

Swann pulled out a lace-embroidered handkerchief and wiped the sweat off his brow. Norrington, equally hot under his wig, didn't want to cave in to the same weakness. Instead, he sat down at his desk and began to fiddle with the quill.

"I agree with you that they could at least give us a report on the progress, though. It's natural for a man to worry in such a delicate situation, isn't it?"

"Indeed! James, maybe we should send a messenger after the messenger?"

Norrington stabbed with the quill after the miniature bust of King George.

"They will let us know. I'm certain that everything will be fine. These are not the Dark Ages anymore, after all. Nature will take its course."

"Yes, but what if not? What if someone involved in the matter has bad intentions? What if the preparations haven't been made as they should have been? What if..."

Governor Swann was interrupted by the sound of laughter and chatting in the hallway. A moment later, the door flew open and crashed against the wall, revealing Mullroy and Murtogg, both dripping with sweat and smiling like loons.

"It's a boy!" Mullroy cheerfully announced. "Congratulations, Sir! Mother and child are healthy, and the midwife says she's never seen a prettier baby!"

"A boy! Did you hear, James? It's a boy!"

Swann dragged Norrington out of his seat and hugged him, performing a very strange victory dance. Norrington looked too shocked to comment on the news, so he kept mum and just stared at Murtogg, who had crossed the room and was now standing next to them.

"Well, pardon me, Sir, but I have news as well."

Norrington pulled free of the overjoyed governor, straightened his coat and tried to regain a certain level of decorum.


Murtogg snapped to attention.

"Commodore Norrington, Sir? He has passed. With distinction!"

Norrington threw his arms up and grinned like a madman.

"He has passed? He has passed! Did you hear that, Governor Swann? Gillette has passed his lieutenant exam! With distinction! Huzzah!"

Seeing the weird look Governor Swann gave him, Norrington quickly hurried to fetch a bottle of finest Whiskey and glasses. He filled them for Swann, Mullroy and Murtogg, who looked surprised but very pleased.

Governor Swann cleared his throat, then he raised his glass.

"Gentlemen, a toast! To my first grandchild, my daughter and her husband!"

"To the Turners," the men echoed.

Norrington didn't drink to Gillette, it wouldn't have been appropriate. But he would make sure that there would be a nice, private celebration in the evening upon the return of Thomas Gillette, lieutenant.

* * *


Author's notes: I've been asked in the past "how do you come up with the ideas for your fics?" For a change, I can give you another reply than "I found them at Marks + Spencers": How to find a plot bunny. Be warned, it's very silly! But it includes amazing fanart by Nellas of Doriath, and as we're already talking about her: don't miss her way of dealing with this plot bunny!
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