Sequel to "Tómas"

Overall rating: PG-13
Category: slash, adventure, humour
Pairing: Norrington/Gillette
Other characters appearing: Lord George Cutler Beckett, Lt. Greitzer, Lt. Groves, Will Turner plus cameos by Prince Frederick of Prussia and Voltaire
Warnings: none
Feedback: very welcome. Good or bad.
Author's note: I thought that "Tómas" was the weirdest story I've ever written. Well, I was wrong.

Summary: There is nothing that a leprechaun wouldn't do for his treasure, so all is not lost for James Norrington.

Gillette hugged Voltaire for the fifth time.

"Have a safe journey, dearest cousin, and thanks so much for everything!"

"My pleasure. But I can't leave if you don't let me go, and my Marquise might begin to worry about my whereabouts if I shouldn't return soon."

"Oh, of course. My apologies."

Gillette, wearing his new uniform, let go of Voltaire, and returned to Norrington's side. Norrington smiled at him, he looked much younger and carefree, and for a brief moment Voltaire could see the man his cousin had fallen for. Not that James Norrington could hold a candle to the Marquise, of course. He reached in his pocket - good, the diamond was still there. He'd have it set in a necklace, she'd certainly love that. Or maybe he could use it for a prism experiment?

"Thank you for taking me with you." Will Turner, all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to the latest fashion, couldn't hide his impatience. "I haven't seen my wife for ten years; I don't think I could have waited another three weeks before taking her in my arms again."

Will and Gillette exchanged a firm handshake.

"Good luck to you, Captain Gillette. And to you as well, Lieutenant Norrington."

The two saluted, and the whistle of an invisible boatswain cut through the water.

"Captain leaving ship!" he cried.

Gillette hugged his cousin again. "Don't forget us, Voltaire."

"Now will you let me go; it's embarrassing how sentimental you've become! I'll be back in five years, that's the time you'll need to refill your pot. My calculations are based on the average number of sailors drowning in this part of the ocean, the current fare for a one-way journey to eternity and the possible fluctuations due to inflation."

"And then?"

"Then? Oh, I forgot!" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a large roll of paper. "Here - I have an excellent idea for modernising the journey to the afterlife. See? It's very simple. You tie a giant teakettle to a carriage, and the power of the escaping steam will move it forward at great speed. I'll call it steam engine. Isn't it fantastic? No more captains or crews needed."

Gillette looked doubtful.

"And you think that will work?"

Voltaire put the plan away.

"Have I ever built anything that didn't work? Of course, the main problem will be to find a teakettle large enough. But don't worry, you can rely on me. Ready, Mr. Turner?"

"Very ready!"

Voltaire took Will's hand, winked one last time at Gillette and Norrington, then he blinked. Voltaire and Will disappeared, leaving only a faint green light behind, and the two officers were alone.

"Any orders, sir?" Norrington asked.

"If you call me sir one more time, lieutenant, I'll have you scrub the deck of this fine ship."

"Fine. Any orders, Thomas?"

"Yes. You, me, cabin, now. 3650 nights without you; that's enough."

Norrington laughed. He put his arm around Gillette's shoulder and pulled him close, then pressed a kiss on his temple.v "3648, Thomas. You forgot the leap years."

Gillette wrinkled his nose, then he dashed off in direction of the great cabin. Norrington chased after him, and while captain and lieutenant did their best to make night 3649 as memorable as possible, the Flying Leprechaun sailed peacefully towards paradise.


Post scriptum: According to a report by the "Fairy Herald", Robert Speirs aka Robert the potato bug escaped from Ireland before he could be brought to court. He fled to France, became a lawyer and started a revolution.

* * *

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