Overall rating: PG-13 to very mild R
Genre: slash, het, humour, romance, drama, a wee bit of angst
Fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean (Royal Navy of the Caribbean), Garrow's Law
Pairings/characters: Norrington/Gillette, Garrow/Sarah, Jones/Jasker, Mr. Southouse, Mr. Silvester, Sir Arthur Hill, Mary, Mr. Farmer, Judge Buller and many more. Jack Aubrey cameo.
Warnings: None. Just keep in mind that the story is set in the 18th century.
Beta: Eveiya
Feedback: Very welcome. Good or bad.
Disclaimer: For PotC, please see here. (c) for "Garrow's Law" is with Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd. / BBC. Jack Aubrey ("Master and Commander") is Patrick O'Brian's creation, (c) Harper. This story was written for fun, not for money.

Author's notes: I had to play with timelines, ages and historical facts to make the story work. All characters are based on the fictionalised ones in the TV series. If the Beep can write historical fanfic, so can I...!

Summary: Garrow asks Norrington to give a testimony of character for a sailor on trial at the Old Bailey. Gillette is happy to be back in London, but his captain isn't made for city life. Southouse is confronted with a puzzle while Sarah Garrow and her maid Mary try to solve the case of a kitchenmaid accused of theft.

Upset that Norrington seems to prefer the company of the Garrow-family to his own, Gillette returns to his old haunt and meets David Jasker, who's just been released from Newgate prison. And behind the scenes, an old enemy of William Garrow is seeking revenge.

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Chapter 9

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