Writing (though not about pirates) is my trade. It also happens to be my favourite pastime. Over the last few years, I've written a good number of slashy and hopefully humorous tales about "The Lord of the Rings" called
"The Most Boring Life Of Master Erestor Of Imladris". If you should wonder about that title: not everybody goes to war and fights heroic battles. Some Elves have to stay behind and look after the library and the garden.

How exciting.

I took the wrong turn on my way to Mirkwood, and to my great surprise, I found myself stranded in the Caribbean. Luckily enough, I had some parchment and a quill with me to continue my work. The result is the collection of tales you can find on "The Joyful Molly".

Why are these tales focussed on the Navy boys, though, not on the flamboyant pirate?

I adore the character that is
Captain Jack Sparrow. I would love to write many, many stories about him. Unfortunately, Captain Jack Sparrow looks like my oldest brother used to do in his younger days, right down to the gold teeth. I can't write anything romantic about someone who looks like my brother. My apologies. So, making moo-eyes at Miss Elizabeth aside, Jack will do what he does best in my tales: loitering and plundering and sharing pearls of wisdom.

As far as the movies are concerned, I am a Navy girl, anyway. Yes, I know, that will come as a big surprise...
James Norrington is made of awesome, shiny and a truly terrible taste in women. Now what a great piece of luck he has Mr. Gillette and Mr. Turner by his side. Friends in need are friends indeed. No pun intended.

Another character featuring in my tales is his lordship
George Cutler Beckett. I freely admit that writing him is the greatest fun. He's a bit of a self-insert, as is Ragetti. Just like him, I tend to share knowledge nobody but me is interested in.

I guess that's why I have three cats.

I hope this will not turn out to be "The Most Boring Life Of James Norrington"; my aim is to entertain you, after all. But there are not many battles, there is not smut on every second page, Norrington is a bit stolid and can't make up his mind, Gillette has a bad temper and Will Turner the diplomatic skills of a cave troll.

Blimey. This does not leave me with a very large readership, now does it? To say it with the unsinkable Thomas Gillette: "Merde!"

Have fun reading, anyway. ;-)


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